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Friendship Greetings

Friendship...a relation which towers way above every other relations on this earth. Its a bond which is characterized by understanding, forgiveness and treasured memories. What makes this relation unique are the people involved in it. "Friends" as we call them are two souls who agree to be with each other forgetting every difference. They are present for you when life demands an affectionate figure in your life.

Cherish this beautiful bond with special messages, graphics, greetings and ecards

Best Friends

A best friend is someone who is there for you through hail and storm...be it a bright sunny morning or the dark clouds are hovering over your life, th...
Fun To Be With You
Colors To My Life
Count On You
Till The End

Between Friends

Everything on this earth comes as a package bonded with both roses and thorns. So is it true with friendship. There are some difficult times when argu...
Everything Is Better
Sharing Favourite Goodies
Friendship Giveme
The Awakened Dreams


"I am always there for you"...these are the words which forever encourages a friend to move ahead towards their destiny. It gives them the strength to...
One WHo Stands By
Hopes To Make Happy
Believe In Yourself
Time For Some Good Times

Friendship Thoughts

Someone might mean the world to you, just because of their care and affectionate ways. They make you feel on the top of the world just by being there....
Friendship Thoughts Kite
Lets Walk Together
Greetings For You
Rain May Be Falling


They say that laughter is the best medicine. Nothing stands above sharing fun times with your friends. Its a joy to be with them and share some memora...
Thanks For Being Protective
Best Things In Life
Money To Lend
Friend Like You

Lets be Friends

A relation is always about the right chemistry with the right person. Friendship grows between hearts which are compassionate and caring towards each ...
Extending Hands Of Friendship
Looking For You
Be There For Me
Just For You

Miss You

Friends are an integral part of your life. In no time they become the part and parcel of your daily life. Their absence makes you long for them. You l...
Moments Of Togetherness
Counting The Minutes
Write Me Soon
When You Left

Net Friends

Friendship is a strange relation. The world is big and wide and its worth mingling with people who match your wavelength. Well this one goes out speci...
Sendign A Hello
Just For You
Anywhere With E-pals
For Your Net Friend

Poems and Quotes

Friends are the biggest gift from the Almighty. they make our world glow with a special radiance. Your friends are the most incredible people in your ...
Understands You Better
Shop Of Perfumes
Bond That Is Strong
Like A Flower


Friendship is a priceless gift bestowed on us. An extra care must be taken to strengthen this bond and relation. However there are some tough times wh...
My Heart Is Still Open
Ups And Downs
Nothing Can Keep Apart
Lets Be Friends Again

Thank You

They say "no sorry" and "no thank you" in friendship. However nothing towers above the feeling of gratitude. Your friends are like the angels of your ...
Blessed To Have You
Doing Things With Friends
Thanks For Lending Hand
Always Around Me

Thinking of You

As the cool morning breeze touches your face, you find yourself thinking about your friend. The times and moment shared with them are precious to your...
Always On My Mind
Thinking Of You
Letting You Know