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Love Greetings

Love is one of the most powerful feeling in the world. An immortal feeling designed by God. True love is something which is shared between two souls. Its all about honesty, trust and mutual respect. Its a feeling that lasts forever

Cherish this wonderful feeling with someone you love by sending them warm greetings, messages, facebook posts and more.


Love is something pure....something divine..something which makes you feel out of this world. God sends His Angels to convey this feeling to the heart...
The Cute Angel
Spreading Love
The Sweet Angel
Just For You

Crazy about You

Love surely makes your world go round and lifts you off the feet. When you are in love, all you think is about your loved one. They make you go crazy ...
Like A Magnet
In The Dreams
Crazy ABout You
Just To See You


When you are in love with someone it feels great. You wnana go for a date with someone you love. But proposing that is not easy either. We make it sim...
When We Are Together
Just For You
By Your Side
Always Together

Falling in Love

Love makes your world go round. It makes you feel as if you are spending just the best moments of your life with your loved one. As you fall in love w...
Dream Come True
Like A Dictionary
One Special Person
Falling In Love


When you are in love...there is one thing which supreme that rules your heart. That obviously is your loved one. All that you wanna do is to spend eve...
The Growing Love
My Only Need
You In My Heart
Music In Life


Ah ug is just the right way to convey the feelings of your heart. All the care, concern and warmth that you hold for your loved one is spoken to them ...
Make It Sound Special
It Speaks Volume
An Amazing Thing
Great Big Hug


A little humor doubles the joy of life. When you re in love it just feels the very best. When this feeling is coupled with humor...the fun is unlimite...
I Am Blind
See You In Court
Pay The Bill
The Love Virus

I Like You

World is big and there are people worth mingling with. As you meet and greet people, there are few who win over your herat and yo ulike them. Let them...
Feelings For You
Its Known Everywhere
In A Special Way
Just For You

Love You

You met many people in the journey called LIFE. There are few who forever leave an impression on your mind and the heart. Being in love is the finest ...
My Heart Flows
Some Things Go Together
My Love Is Reserved
True Hearts

Miss You

There are moments in life when times seems to have come to a hault. There are times when it feels that nothing around you is good and you feel quite u...
We Are A Pair
Missing The Target
Send A Mail
Waiting For The Call

Poems and Quotes

Nothing expresses the feelings of your heart than the rights words. A short poem and a quote is just the best way to let your loved ones know how you ...
Pains Of Love
You Are My World
SMile Because It Happened
A Single Soul


So finally you are in love. All that you want to do right now is to express the feelings of your heart to your sweetheart. The rights words make just ...
Propose Her Now
All For Love
Throw Your Heart
Just My Type


There are times when we just mess up with someone we love. Its ok to make a mistake, but since they constitute our life, its equally important to make...
Please Forgive Me
I Did A Wrong Things
Life Sems To Be Empty
Kiss And Make Up

Thinking of You

Your loved one is always on your mind and in your thoughts. You think of them day in and out and see them with the eyes of your heart. Send your feeli...
Love Made Me Blind
Coffee Without Cream
Being A Part Of Me
Think Of You

Virtual Kisses

a kiss is just the perfect way to let your loved one know how passionate you are about them. A kiss is a silent talk between two hearts letting each o...
A Hot Kiss
A Private Kiss
Across The Miles
What Is A Kiss