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  1. Is it a FREE service ? Do I require membership to send E-Cards?
  2. Can I send a same card to more than one person?
  3. Why can't I view my Flash E-Cards ?
  4. Why can't I hear the music attached to my E-Card?
  5. How do I know that the card has been viewed?
  6. Why the downloading speed of the card and the animation is slow?

1. E-cards from are absolutely free and it doesn't require any membership. There are no restrictions to the number of e-cards you can send from the site.

2. Yes, a single card could be send to multiple people by selecting the number of Recipients at the time of sending the card.

3. Many of our interactive E-Cards use an enhanced animation called Flash. To view these, you will need to have a Flash plug-in. You can download the Flash plug-in for FREE at 
Go to 
Go to the download section (
Choose "Macromedia Flash Player." 
Choose "Install Now." 
After installation is complete, please go to the link provided in your original email. The E-Card will automatically play from this point. 
If you have downloaded the flash plug-in and are still unable to view animation on our site, please E-Mail us and we will be happy to provide further assistance.

4. First, please check your individual computer controls. Please remember that all of our E-Cards have sound. 

If you are using WINDOWS, there should be a "horn" icon on the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen. Double click on the icon and make sure the volume control is turned up loud enough, and that the mute square is not checked.

We also advise checking your Multimedia settings. 
Click the START button in the lower left corner of your screen. Select SETTINGS from the menu; then select CONTROL PANEL. 
Choose Multimedia. 
Choose the MIDI tab. 
Make sure that under single instrument that you have a device selected that ends in "synth". 
Click Apply. 
If you are using a MAC, check to be sure that sound is enabled on your computer. 
On the Edit menu, choose Options, and then click the Web Content tab. Make sure that the Play Sounds check box is selected. 
Check to make sure that your computer's volume is turned up. 
Check to make sure that you have the Quicktime Musical Instruments extension installed on your computer. It should be in the Extensions folder in your System folder. If you do not have this extension installed, visit for more information and to download a copy. 
If you are still unable to hear the sound that accompanies our E-Cards, you will want to download the appropriate plug-in. Find your browser below to locate information about the plug-in needed for your system.



You will want to download the Windows Media Player by using the link below.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WINDOWS 95 USERS: Windows 95 users cannot use Windows Media Player 7 and must use Windows Media Player 6.4 (available by clicking on the drop down menu on the download page).
This will be a two-step process.

1) Download the installation file.

When asked to Run this program in its current location or Save to Disk, choose Save to Disk.

We recommend saving the installation file (mpie4ful) to your desktop to make finding the installation file easier.

2) Install the Windows Media Player

After you have downloaded the installation file for the plug-in, you will need to install it by double-clicking on the downloaded file that you saved to your desktop. Once the MIDI plug-in is installed you will need to restart your computer.


You will want to download Beatnik Player by using the link below: 
Scroll down until you see: "Download the right plug-in for your operating system." 
Click on the gray arrow under Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000 
The plug-in will begin downloading to your computer. This may take a few minutes depending upon the speed of your Internet connection.

Once the file has been successfully downloaded, click "Reveal Location" in the Status Box.

You will now need to install the plug-in: 
Double click on the Beatnik icon. It will probably be in your Netscape folder. 
Installation should automatically begin. If asked if you would like to shut down Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc., say yes. 
Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

5. In order to know if the card send by you has been viewed by the recipient, you need to check the option "Notify me when the card is viewed" at the time sending the card.

6. Slow modem speeds or slow computer processors can cause delays in downloading or slow animation on our E-Cards. We recommend using a modem speed of at least 56k to connect to the web, and a computer processor speed of at least 133 MHz. We also recommend closing all other applications on your computer (except your web browser) while you are viewing our E-Cards.

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